Kevin Brunnock


Kevin BrunnockKevin Brunnock is a real estate professional who is living and working in New York City. A graduate of Villanova University, Kevin received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Kevin Brunnock is involved in several different aspects of real estate. He works with a diverse clientele, each harboring different goals and property requirements. Additionally, he’s represented both buyers and sellers along a spectrum of transactions. Some examples of these transactions include investors seeking specific cap rates as well as cash on cash returns, international investors seeking flexible building and living requirements, as well as assisting full time New Yorkers wanting to maximize value when buying or selling their coops and condos.

Kevin Brunnock has served as a Board Member in the condo in which he has lived for the last twelve years, giving him a personal experience and investment in the building. Also, he’s a member of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York).

In addition to his work in real estate, Kevin Brunnock participates in an international child-sponsor program and has a sponsored child in Kenya. During summers, he spends his time in Maine with family and friends in a quaint town made famous by Stephen King in many of his best-selling books. As many New Yorkers, he loves good food and good wine, mostly when enjoyed with family and friends. He is a big fan of Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferriss, “The Sopranos” (born and raised in New Jersey), “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and his beloved Yankees – farewell to the captain, Derek Jeter. Kevin Brunnock lives in New York City.