Best Podcasts for Realtors

In the competitive and fast-paced world of real estate, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques is essential. One resource is listening to podcasts, which can provide valuable insights and tips from industry experts. Here are several of the best podcasts for realtors in 2023.

The Real Estate Sessions

Hosted by industry veteran Bill Risser, The Real Estate Sessions features interviews with real estate professionals from all corners of the industry. Each episode delves into the guest’s background and unique perspectives on the industry, providing listeners with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Tom Ferry is a well-known real estate coach and speaker, and his podcast is an excellent resource for realtors looking to improve their skills and stay on top of industry trends. 

Real Estate Rockstars

Hosted by Pat Hiban, Real Estate Rockstars is popular in the industry. Each episode features interviews with successful realtors who share their strategies for success and tips for growing a real estate business.

Agent Caffeine

Agent Caffeine is a podcast that focuses on the latest trends and technologies in real estate. Host Kelly Mitchell interviews industry experts and thought leaders to give listeners insights into emerging trends and strategies for success.

Kevin and Fred’s Next Level Podcast

Hosted by real estate experts Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, the Next Level Podcast is an excellent resource for realtors looking to take their businesses to the next level.

The Brian Buffini Show

Brian Buffini is a well-known speaker and coach in the real estate industry, and his podcast is an excellent resource for realtors looking to improve their skills and mindset. The podcast focuses on personal growth, motivation, and sales and marketing strategies.

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real Estate Coaching Radio is hosted by top real estate coaches Tim and Julie Harris and provides listeners with practical advice and insights for building a successful real estate business. 

Real Estate Uncensored

Real Estate Uncensored is a podcast that covers real estate, from marketing and lead generation to negotiation and communication skills. Hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson provide listeners with actionable advice and strategies for success.

The Daily Real Estate Agent

The Daily Real Estate Agent podcast provides realtors with daily tips and insights for building a successful real estate business. The podcast is hosted by real estate expert Chris McLaughlin and covers lead generation and conversion, time management, and productivity.

Real Estate Marketing Dude

The Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast is hosted by Mike Cuevas and provides realtors with insights and strategies for marketing their businesses effectively. The podcast covers social media marketing, video marketing, branding, and lead generation.