When to Work With an Expeditor in Real Estate

What is an expeditor? Real estate professionals often choose to hire an expeditor when they have a highly complex transaction or multiple properties involved. An expeditor helps the realtor negotiate and close deals more quickly by taking care of the logistics. Expeditors may also be hired for significant transactions with multiple parties who do not live in the same area… Read more →

NYC Real Estate Law Updates from 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brought substantial obstacles to New York City’s real estate industry. The times were challenging, but the industry would not break. In typical NYC fashion, every adversity was answered with innovative ideas and statutory shifts. Personal Liability Bill The lockdowns necessary to battle the COVID-19 pandemic put a crippling burden on the city’s commercial businesses, especially those… Read more →

How the Tech Boom Will Impact NYC Real Estate

Silicon Valley is not a term that is often heard these days. The moniker derived from the Californian tech mecca that was Silicon Valley, and it referred to a specific region in Manhattan where a cluster of tech companies formed in the mid-1990s during the dot-com boom. The area itself is called the Flatiron neighborhood because it surrounds the uniquely-shaped Flatiron building, the point at which midtown and lower Manhattan connect.  Read more →

Nomadic & Indebted Millennials Are Choosing to Rent, Not Own Property | Kevin Brunnock

Nomadic, Indebted Millennials Are Choosing to Rent, Not Own Property

Maybe you haven’t heard, but homeownership rates are down, and this could be because Millennials are not looking to own property. More and more, young people are choosing to rent. The dip in homeownership rates isn’t just taking place in one particular city in the U.S., but across the entire rental market.  A significant portion of the millennial generation either… Read more →