Check Out These YouTube Channels If You’re Interested In Real Estate

Whether you just have an interest in real estate or you’re a professional in the industry, there’s a lot to be learned about the subject on the internet. You can read a few blogs, check out the latest listings, or watch a few videos. YouTube in particular is loaded with great videos produced by both amateur and professional realtors where they share their tips and tricks, give advice, talk about real estate news and so much more. Here are a few of the best real estate YouTube channels.



For anyone looking to learn more about how to succeed in real estate, BiggerPockets is a great resource. Their YouTube channel has tons of videos about everything from house hacking to strategy. One of the main factors that set them apart from other channels is their frequent collaborations with other professionals in the industry, including CPAs, investors, and much more.


Mark J Kohler

Mark J Kohler is a lawyer and a former CPA who has shared videos about capital gains, tax strategy, and the dos and don’ts of partnerships. He aims to help people navigate the various laws and regulations that affect their wealth and success. His videos are designed to make them easier to understand. This is a great channel to follow if you’re looking to learn more about tax strategy.


Flipping Mastery TV

The channel Flipping Mastery TV is focused on flipping and wholesaling properties. It features videos by Jerry Norton, who shows how to find cash buyers and flippable houses as well as how to make 100 offers or more a month. Whether you’re a professional in the industry or not, the advice on finding solid deals and securing financing is valuable.


Graham Stephen

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent who started his career at the age of 18 and became a multi-million dollar investor by 26. He has a lot of followers on YouTube who are interested in his videos, which are based on his own experiences. He also offers advice for teenagers and investors. His videos are entertaining and insightful, and he has a lot of good tips for people who are looking to retire early from the industry.


Lili Thompson

The channel of Lili Thompson is focused on showing people how to use the BRRRR strategy, which is a multi-step process that involves buying, renovating, and re-financing properties. She also shows how to take advantage of distressed properties and add value through forced appreciation.