Commuters’ Choice: The Quickest, Loveliest, and Most Extreme Commutes in NYC

Commuters’-Choice_-The-Quickest,-Loveliest,-and-Most-Extreme-Commutes-in-NYC | Kevin BrunnockNYC is one the fastest-paced cities in the nation. Everybody’s going somewhere whether it’s for work, school or leisure. Because NYC is the melting pot of the United States and has such a diverse and populated group of people, it’s often busy and crowded.

This sometimes might make it difficult to find ways to commute within the city. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the quickest, loveliest or most extreme way to commute, the possibilities are endless.



Perhaps the quickest way to commute in NYC is to have an apartment that’s located relatively close to your workplace, to begin with. Being within walking distance of your workplace indeed poses an advantage in the city and makes it so that you don’t have to schedule extra time for traffic delays and so on. Add a smart elevator to the mix, and you’ll be able to commute to your workplace in two minutes in some cases.

What is a smart elevator? It’s an elevator that transports passengers to the floors they want via the fastest route possible. For instance, instead of stepping onto the elevator and selecting the floor that you want to travel to, with a smart elevator, you first choose the floor you wish to visit, and then the elevator system will direct you. You’ll be sent to the elevator that will take you to the desired floor with the fewest number of stops.



If you’re not necessarily looking for the quickest commute but the loveliest, then you might want to consider taking the ferry. The NYC ferry at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park is one the more affordable ways to get a beautiful tour of NYC’s architecture and important sights – all while you commute.

The ride is not only pleasant and beautiful, but it makes it so that you can forgo being cramped into the subway system. In some cases, it can cut a bit of time off your commute, but regardless of whether it helps you save time or not, it’s one of the lovelier ways to commute within the city.


Most Extreme

If you’re one of those who commute more than 60 miles each way to work, then you’ve certainly got a long commute ahead of you. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the state of New York has the most long-distance commuters, and some commuters even commute so far as three and a half hours away one way.

One commuter even reportedly commutes via three different modes of transportation – bicycle, two trains, and foot – one way to reach his office in Manhattan. Now that’s extreme commuting!

Please, if you know of any other unusual NYC commutes, please share!