Great Apps For Real Estate Agents In 2022

There are a plethora of apps available today that are useful not only in our personal lives but in our careers as well. One industry in particular that benefits from a plethora of useful apps is real estate. Real estate agents use apps to engage with their clients, get directions to the homes they’re trying to sell, and so much more. With so many apps, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones are worth your time. Here are a few of the best apps that real estate agents can take advantage of in 2022.



Being a real estate agent today is more difficult than ever, and there are a lot of things to balance when it comes to engaging with your customers. Enter Propertybase, a customer relationship management tool that includes pretty much every tool an agent would need in their hypothetical tool belt if they want to succeed. Propertybase is based on Salesforce and uses MLS integration with IDX lead-generating websites, combining it into an all-in-one platform. Propertybase has it all, and if you use this app you’ll likely be set for a long time to come.


LabCoats Agents Marketing Center

The LabCoats Agents Marketing Center app is the first marketing tool that’s designed specifically for real estate agents. It allows them to create beautiful social media posts and other marketing materials on the fly. It also lets them create flyers, business cards, and door hangers. The app can be used to create Instagram stories, as well as other marketing materials. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it using LCA.


Zillow Premier Agent

If you’re a real estate agent who uses the website Zillow, then the Premier Agent app is a must-have. It has a variety of features that will help you manage your listings and tasks, as well as lead sorting and other features for teams. One of the most popular features of Premier Agent is its ability to import leads from websites such as and BoomTown. This free tool can be used to set up reminders, tasks, and emails, and it can also give you a deeper understanding of what your potential clients are looking for on Zillow.


Curb Hero

Over the past couple of years, the app known as Curb Hero has become a go-to for real estate agents who run open houses. It’s free and customizable, and it features a QR code sign-in feature. It also allows them to create custom branding for their websites and other marketing materials.