Handy Instagram Tips For Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Handy Instagram Tips For Commercial Real Estate Professionals | Kevin BrunnockSocial media has quickly become an invaluable tool for businesses, enabling firms to promptly identify and tap a demographic or reach a particular audience. Among them is Instagram, which is an internet-based photo-sharing application facilitating the sharing of videos and photos.  Since its launch in late 2010, marketers have recognized its branding potential, made possible through snapshots, clips, and filters.


Millennials, models, and marketers aren’t the only ones who see the potential of the social platform. In fact, commercial real estate professionals are among the herd of web-using experts to adopt Instagram to gain followers and interacting directly with those who might be interested in real estate investments, commercial properties, or high-end residential purchase.


Read on to learn valuable tips you and your team may want to implement.


  • Share high-quality content and be sure to stick to an ongoing theme that’s localized, but also global. More than that, think about your brand story before sharing. Consider how what edits, colors, captions, and filters might help you to grow an audience. The items you post have to work together cohesively. Each post has to speak to one another; the first post you shared must communicate with the most recent post. Your audience visits your channel to find the same type of content each time they visit. They want to see high-brow and sharp images every day, if that’s what you’re sharing –not a photo of your niece or your cat if the mood suddenly strikes.
  • If you don’t know where to begin as a commercial real estate brokerage, consider following CBRE on Instagram, and gently imitate their actions. They could teach a masterclass on the subject. Since launching their page, they’ve gained 27,000 followers; each attracted to the way they highlight skylines, their fellows, and the obscure beauty that belongs uniquely to real estate education. Despite what you may believe, you don’t have to publish several times each day, but you have to release posts skillfully about five times a week, each image purposed to speak to your audience genuinely and acknowledge your companies’ unique qualities.
  • Instagram users centered on real estate often post a well-crafted blend of promotion, business topics, and architecture. Post honest captions, tacking them onto exciting content, which is professional, but also, at times, personal.
  • Consider investing in a photographer. There’s nothing more captivating than clean images that highlight architecture and design. Avoid images that are low-quality, blurry, grainy, or poorly edited. Consider composition and light. Additionally, there’s nothing more attractive than those who interact with users at the base of those glorious images.
  • You can amass a following by framing the compelling bits of your personality. If you’re in a smaller outfit, or you aren’t posting on behalf of your entire company, or even if you are, integrate beautiful images that speak to your experience as a leader and an individual. It’s a decided technique that you might showcase relevant quality visuals that customers care about. The personality that you present on Instagram, as part of your brand, is essential. Instagram, like many social sites, is a slice of your existing brand; it is a taste of your reputation –so you should be thoughtful and cautious when distributing content. If you routinely publish images with odd Snapchat filters or things that are overly zany Your audience will read you as cheap or inauthentic.
  • Instagram may also serve well as a place to congratulate investors and purchasers for their recent investments. Seizing a picture of a resident or a commercial real estate property can be shared. Rather than sharing a post with the new owners standing in front of it, share a bold image of the property, while also adding on a comment that tags the new owners or users, and speaks to the properties’ features.
  • There are some who break many or all of the aforementioned rules and still manage to have an incredible account. They share appealing listings. They focus on garnering new clients, and they engage with existing clients or prospective partners.

Are there any thoughts you might have on Instagram strategy? What tactics might you offer to fellow real estate professionals?


Consider following Anne Jones, Joyce Rey, Dusty Baker, and Chad Carroll for inspiration.