The Top TED Talks For The Real Estate Industry

One of the best ways to find new inspiration and motivation in the world of real estate is to watch a few good TED Talks. TED Talks are short discussions held by prominent leaders from industries all over the world, and they’re usually meant to inspire and educate those watching while also occasionally presenting solutions to problems within whatever field they’re discussing. Real Estate is no stranger to these talks, as there are hundreds of real estate agents who are looking for guidance all around the world each and every day. Let’s take a look at some of the best TED Talks discussing real estate.


Moore’s Law Of Real Estate – Gunnar Branson

In this talk, Gunnar Branson talks about the concept of Moore’s law and how it applies to real estate. He states that the physical spaces that we inhabit are constantly changing and will eventually affect how we live and work. His talk is full of examples that will help you understand what’s happening in the field. The talk is to everyone who owns a home, but it also applies to landlords. Branson states that people tend to get selective when it comes to choosing products, and this is why he believes that the increasing number of people buying homes is causing the physical space requirements of their houses to decrease. This could eventually be an issue for commercial real estate.


The Real Estate Deal That Could Change The Future Of Everything – Ben Miller

In this talk, Ben talks about how he rebuilt his business following the 2007/08 crash and how technology will affect the way people buy and sell real estate in the future. He believes that innovation can change the way people think about investing in the industry. This talk is very interesting because it shows that if you’re willing to work on a revolutionary idea, then you can make a difference in the industry. It also provides insight into the future of real estate.


The Four-Letter Code to Selling Anything – Derek Thompson

The ability to sell is very important to your success in real estate. Besides selling properties, you also need to understand how to effectively communicate with clients and sell yourself. This is done through your interactions with potential buyers and your reputation within the community you serve. Derek Thompson, an editor at The Atlantic, provides a four-letter code that will help you sell anything that you can think of. This will allow you to effectively negotiate a price for a property that you’re interested in, or convince a seller to give you their listing.


The Skill of Self Confidence – Dr. Ivan Joseph

In this talk, Dr. Ivan Joseph asks listeners to think about the successful real estate agents they know. He talks about how while they likely don’t share physical characteristics and they’re all from different backgrounds, they all likely share one thing: their ability to be confident in themselves. According to Dr. Joseph, the best real estate agents aren’t naturally confident – they master their confidence like they would any skill, meaning you can do it too.