Tips for Decorating your Home for the Holidays

This time of year brings a lot of joy and comfort around many homes downtown. Here are seven helpful tips to make your home the holiday destination for friends and family.

Color-Coded Bulbs

Top decorators pay a lot of attention to the details, and one thing they’ll never miss is color coordination. For instance, when you replace your current bulbs with colored ones, you can do so right up until New Year without any concern of “white-out.”

Cookie Cutters

If you’re not a fan of traditional holiday colors and want to add a little splash of seasonal flare, try using shapes that represent the season. Many enjoy using stars, snowflakes, and bells. Your visitors will definitely notice the extra touch.


If you’re not sure how to decorate the inside of your home, try using some scrapbooking tape to mark where pictures go on the wall. Guides can also help you draw a straight line from the fireplace to the front door in case you want a string of garland there.

Wreath on Every Door

In order to make your home look festive from the outside, try hanging a wreath on every single exterior door. You can also add colored lights or bows that coordinate with your main color scheme, making your house stand out from the rest.

Inappropriate Artwork

Although it’s a Christmas tradition to hang stockings by the chimney with care, it’s also a great way to add a little humor to your holiday décor. If you have an old piece of artwork lying around that doesn’t look cheesy or festive, try taping it to the fireplace, hidden by your stockings. Your visitors will understand the joke, and it’ll definitely bring a smile to their faces.

Ornaments Galore

For those who are decorating their home for the first time, or looking to shake things up a bit after many years, try using lots of colorful ornaments all over your house. Although it’s customary to keep them only on the tree, ornaments are perfect for wreaths, garland, even your mailbox.

Old Fashioned Christmas Pageant

If you’re hosting a dinner party during the holidays, try adding some extra spice by reenacting an old-fashioned Christmas pageant. For instance, if you have a fireplace, simply ask your guests to arrive dressed as one of the three wise men and try to guess which. Or, if you’re hitting the town with friends, stop by a local bar and sing some carols for extra holiday cheer.