Choosing Between a Studio and One-Bedroom Apartment

When it comes to choosing between a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, there are a few things to consider. A studio apartment is essentially just one big room, with a separate bathroom, whereas a one-bedroom apartment has the bedroom and bathroom separated from the main living area. They each have benefits and drawbacks, depending on lifestyle and budget.


Both one-bedroom apartments and studio apartments are more affordable than any other living space, but those who are on an extremely tight budget should opt for a studio. One-bedroom apartments will have more space, although sometimes the square footage difference isn’t much. In cities with a high cost of living, those who are penny-pinching may want to opt for a studio apartment. Many times, the only units that are available in a good location and also in an affordable price range will be studios.


Lifestyle is another factor to take into account when choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment. Young, single people may be perfectly happy in a studio, as they are not home very much and do not have a significant other to worry about. Couples and small families, however, would be extremely cramped in a studio apartment. Having a bedroom off the main living area gives couples a chance for more privacy and space from one another when needed. Older people would also be more at home in a one-bedroom, as they often spend more time at home and would appreciate more space. Anyone who enjoys having parties or having people over would be much happier with a one-bedroom apartment as well. Having friends come to visit and socialize in what is essentially a bedroom can feel invasive, especially when the bed has to double as a couch.

Ultimately, the choice between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment comes down to price vs. privacy. It is up to the apartment renter or buyer to determine which of these factors they value more. They will need to imagine their day-to-day life and figure out if a studio will simply be too small and cramped, or if it actually won’t bother them. They will also need to look at their finances and determine if the monthly rent or mortgage of a one-bedroom is feasible.