Downsizing Tips

Downsizing during a move makes it easier to live in a smaller space, and you’ll feel freer when you don’t have so much stuff to take care of all the time. Many renters downsize when they are moving to a new home, or you might be downsizing to make life in retirement more enjoyable. While the job might look overwhelming at first, it is possible to make downsizing downright simple by using a few simple tips.


Start With a Vision

Getting inspired could be as easy as visiting your new space for a second tour to start thinking about how you want to plan the layout. Or, you might want to look for inspiration online. Either way, envisioning how you want your new space to look helps you to start thinking about what you need to eliminate. For example, you’ll want to get rid of excess furniture if you desire a large, open living room.


Decide What to Keep

Staring at all of the stuff you need to get rid of can feel overwhelming when you are downsizing. To counteract this issue, just try to focus on what you want to keep the most. When you’re moving to a smaller home, you may still want to keep some of your storage furniture such as a dresser that makes use of the vertical space.


Divide Up Unwanted Items

Once you know what you want to keep, you can then finish up by diving stuff into piles of what you want to donate and throw away. You can also create a pile of things that you might be able to sell. Earning a little extra cash for your new space is always a great way to buy new things to decorate with. Finally, you’ll complete the process by taking everything where it needs to go. You can either host a garage sale or invite people to pick up the leftover items for free.


The key to downsizing is to avoid letting yourself get caught wasting time on decisions. If you haven’t used the item in a long time, then you can likely let it go. You’ll also want to eliminate any items that are too big or don’t fit into your new space. With a little time and willingness to let go, you’ll soon have an uncluttered living space that requires very little maintenance.