Smarthome Security for New York City Apartments

If you’re a young adult, it can be pretty tempting to move to New York City. The city features a lot in terms of dining, entertainment, nightlife, and more. You do have to worry a bit more about safety.


For safety, you’re not only going to have to think about yourself but your apartment. With an unprotected apartment, you can end up having your valuables stolen whenever you’re not at home. Check out these security solutions you should think about installing in your New York City apartment.




Depending on how many valuables you have, you might want to have the best security system money can buy. Simplisafe is made for people looking for this, as Simplisafe offers various services for their customers like panic buttons, keypads, and more for the price of installation and a $15 monthly fee. Those looking for more services from Simplisafe can pay $25 a month to receive 24/7 monitoring and immediate dispatch of police.


Simplisafe can help out customers with many other kinds of devices as well, such as video doorbells, temperature sensors, glass-break sensors, and more. In all, Simplisafe can be a great option for those that want to have a very elaborate security system for their place.




Sometimes, a basic security system will ward off any intruders. In this case, you might want to purchase a Ring system for your apartment. With Ring, you can install a video doorbell for only $100. The service that comes with Ring allows you to view a live camera placed inside your doorbell at any time of the day, as long as your Ring doorbell is connected to the internet. Those looking to save videos while they aren’t near their doorbell should look into purchasing the Ring Protect service for the price of only $3 a month.


For those looking for more than a video doorbell, Ring also offers their own line of security cameras. These can be placed on the same account as your video doorbell, ensuring that you’re always getting multiple angles of your apartment through a single service. Take a look into purchasing security devices from Ring if you’re looking for a company that offers easy-to-use security products and services.